Introducing Rolling Stock Solutions, a first-of-its-kind American transit solution providing commuter rail agencies like-new locomotives on flexible lease terms.

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Lease a Rolling Stock Locomotive in Early 2024

Like-new F40PH models have a 20+ year service life, providing immediate service and reliability improvements.

year service life

Experience an immediate 40% reduction in NOx emissions, similar reductions in hydrocarbon emissions and PM10 emissions, combined with improved fuel efficiency.
*Tier 0+ compared to Non-Tiered locomotives.

reduction in NOx emissions

Lease the power you need today using our innovation approach and Buy America compliant units.

Buy America Compliant

Choose the duration and number of units you need to meet your unique fleet needs.

3 - 10
Year Flexible
Lease Durations
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Introducing On-Demand Locomotives

Commuter rail agencies can now replace aging fleets with proven-model locomotives, completely remanufactured under standard industry specifications.

Like-new F40PH models integrate seamlessly into operations of most fleets and deliver cleaner, quieter, more reliable service to your passengers.

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On-Demand Leasing

Give Yourself Options

Solve your urgent demand for locomotive power challenges through a first for America’s commuter rail agencies: flexible, on-demand locomotive leasing.

Get immediate, on-demand power through a complementary approach to traditional locomotive procurement.

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commuter rail usa
meet the team

Founded by Industry Veterans

The founding Rolling Stock Solutions team has over 40 years of experience in the transit industry from executive level leadership, operations and finance.

Leaders of this innovative solution have extensive experience and deep technical expertise in the commuter rail industry.

Meet the Rolling Stock Solutions Team
By the numbers

Impact of Maintenance and Overhauls

As fleet ages, the frequency of breakdowns and repairs increase. Bad order units reduce the availability and reliability of service for the commuter. Aging fleet has contributed to a 33% increase in average maintenance per passenger mile over last decade.

Source: 2021 APTA Factbook

Overall maintenance spend is up 50% over the same period. Later life maintenance overhauls have been deferred as agencies lack in-house maintenance capacity or don't have the spare power units to replace locomotives idled for overhaul.

Source: 2021 APTA Factbook

While passenger loads have decreased, there has not been a corresponding decrease in locomotive usage. Commuter rail remains necessary for many municipalities. As such, service levels are expected to remain between 80 and 85%.

Source: 2021 APTA Factbook

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