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Our leasing process

The Perfect Complement to Traditional Procurement

Duration-flexible leases from Rolling Stock Solutions are intended to complement, not replace, your agency’s current fleet replacement or replenishment programs. 

You can lease locomotive power from Rolling Stock Solutions for anything between three and ten years. Most importantly, our solution offers flexibility in prioritizing your critical capital funds to better meet immediate capital planning needs. 

Rolling Stock Solutions provides agency leaders with a new approach to managing their interim fleet requirements. 

The benefits of

Interim Capacity On-Demand

Our locomotives help solve your immediate capacity challenges on duration-flexible leases, providing the power you need today to address urgent and near-term fleet requirements.

You’re in control with flexible lease terms.

Lease like-new locomotives for interim capacity as a supplement to your new locomotive procurement process. Select the duration of your lease and the number of units that fit your requirement, with options to extend leases as needed.

Proven, reliable locomotives, ready to go now.

Get immediate locomotive power to keep your fleet in motion with our F40PH locomotives that integrate seamlessly into commuter rail agency fleets. These are proven locomotives you can count on.

RSS assumes responsibility for major milestone repairs and each newly delivered locomotive comes with a 24-month warranty.

Your capital budget gets relief.

With our leasing program, you’re filling critical capacity with a service as opposed to making a long-term capital investment. And our locomotives are 100% Buy America compliant, and our flexible lease contracts leave more room in your capital budget for new opportunities.

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