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Give Your Fleet a New, 20+ Year Service Life

Introducing an upgraded take on a classic locomotive to help you get the power you need today. 

Our F40PH models are remanufactured to like-new condition under standard industry specifications by our partner, CAD Railway Industries Ltd. These proven models integrate seamlessly into your fleet operations and maintenance programs.

You’ll recognize these F40H units, but you’ll also notice the difference. With Rolling Stock Solutions, you can expect cleaner, quieter, and more reliable locomotives than many in service today.

Rolling Stock Solutions

Remanufactured F40
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Like-New Models, Loaded with Advanced Technologies.

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F40 Maintenance Schedule Overview

Save Costs by Reducing Downtime.

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A Familiar Fleet, a Progressive Build.

Rolling Stock Solutions was founded by industry veterans who understand the ins and outs of the commuter rail industry.

We know your challenges and designed a solution to get you the locomotive power you need now while you procure a new fleet or seek alternative power solutions for future operations.

Our locomotives are:


Receive well-established locomotive models remanufactured to standard specs that are easy to maintain and well known to your maintenance staff.


Expect immediate service and reliability improvement over existing locomotives, as our locomotives come with a new, 20+ year service life including a two year warranty for locomotives as they are delivered. This also includes a 184 day brake schedule.


Unburden yourself of major milestone repairs and overhaul work on your fleet, which are covered by Rolling Stock Solutions.


Experience immediate emissions improvements driven by remanufactured Tier 0+ prime mover combined with a brand-new Tier 4 HEP unit. These remanufactured units will deliver NOx and CO2 benefits of 40% or more compared to the average locomotive in today’s commuter rail fleet.


Reduce the noise of your fleet with remanufactured locomotives. With the addition of a new Tier 4 HEP unit, you can dramatically reduce the number of “screamers” in your fleet today resulting in an improved noise output for residential operations.


Realize simple integration and maintenance of these locomotives, as they’re familiar and proven models built to standard specifications that your maintenance workforce already knows well.

Buy America Certified

Stretch your capital dollars further with 100% Buy America Compliant Units

Rolling Stock Solutions locomotives are Buy America compliant. Commuter rail agencies can reduce procurement and funding hurdles through our innovative approach to leasing the power you need today.

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