May 17, 2022

Announcing Our Partnership with CadRI

Announcing Our Partnership with CadRI

Rolling Stock Solutions (RSS) is a brand-new leasing platform for remanufactured locomotives. It was formed by veteran commuter rail industry operators and professionals with the aim of filling the critical locomotive power deficit in the industry today.

Many units currently on the rails are reaching the end of their useful life, and some are already beyond it. Agencies are engaging in procurement processes for brand-new vehicles, but that process averages eight to ten years. 

The need for an affordable, flexible alternative in the interim is great. 

With our deep industry experience, we feel uniquely qualified to provide an alternative that doesn’t only meet this need but also improves quality, service and emissions for transit rail agencies. Our team knows this industry inside and out, from all angles: operations, finances, etc. We’re confident we’ve designed a high-quality alternative, both in terms of the leasing platform and the locomotives themselves.

To truly follow through on our goals and be confident in our solution, we needed the right partner to remanufacture the vehicles. Our team weighed our options and consulted with others industry leaders to identify the vendor we could successfully partner with to get the greatest outcomes. By a unanimous consensus, we landed on CAD Railway Industries Ltd., finding them to be a natural choice for our specific overhaul goals.

Why RSS Chose CAD Railway Industries Ltd.

CAD Railway Industries Ltd. (CadRI) is a proven, established vendor in the industry. The company has been working in the industry for over 50 years, remanufacturing, modifying and repairing transit cars, locomotives and more. They have an impeccable record for safety and performance, and they’re trusted by well-known, leading companies to deliver quality results. 

Further, the CadRI team is composed of industry veterans, much like RSS. They understand commuter rail and, just as important, they understand where it’s going and what new and emerging environmental standards mean for agencies. They have experience working with the latest technologies to improve on even the most traditional vehicles. 

One of the most compelling reasons RSS chose CadRI as our vendor partner is their extensive experience with our chosen model, the F40PH. Recently, CadRI successfully remanufactured and delivered 55 F40PH models. [CadRI information about Via Rail experience]

We selected this model because it is proven and well-known in the market, making it an easier and more affordable unit to integrate and maintain. Considering CadRI’s experience with this model, our partnership with this vendor lends greater confidence for agencies using this product in their day to day operations.

Remanufacturing with CAD Railway Industries Ltd.

For our contract with CadRI, the vendor will completely overhaul these locomotives, remanufacturing them from the ground up and giving them a new 20+ year life cycle. The locomotives will include the following, and more:

  • Brand new, remanufactured Tier 0+ Prime Mover
  • New Complete Comfort Cab Interior and Exterior
  • New Crashworthy Nose
  • Brand-new Tier 4 HEP
  • New High Voltage Cabinet
  • Remanufactured Ceiling
  • New Support Beams
  • New Siding
  • New Interior Workings and Wiring
  • Remanufactured Reduced Emissions Engine and Generator
  • Remanufactured Fuel Tank
  • Remanufactured Wheels and Trucks

This remanufacture design contributes to these units having improved fuel efficiency, substantially reduced noise emissions during operations, and reduced NOx emissions (40%+).

With CadRI, we are confident our leased units will be of the highest quality. They will be reliable, and the model will be easy and inexpensive to maintain.

For the RSS team, CadRI was the clear choice. Agencies can expect this remanufacture has been conducted by a firm with extensive experience and a reputation for quality, safety and performance.

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