May 12, 2023

Remanufactured Engine Component Installation: Powering Up Locomotives

Remanufactured Engine Component Installation: Powering Up Locomotives

Remanufactured Engine Component Installation: Powering Up Locomotives

Experience the power that drives our locomotives as we dive into the installation process of a remanufactured, like-new F40PH engine and generator.

Rolling Stock Solutions is pioneering a unique approach to solving long-entrenched challenges, around declining and end-of-life power units. We will provide commuter rail agencies with like-new locomotives on flexible lease terms.

Our first batch of these locomotives is on schedule for delivery in 2023.

Each Rolling Stock Solutions F40PH model undergoes a rigorous remanufacturing process, carried out under standard industry specifications by our trusted partner, CAD Railway Industries Ltd. The result is a cleaner, quieter, and more reliable locomotive.

We're sharing a behind-the-scenes look into the remanufacturing process as we gear up for the launch of our first locomotives. Below, we spotlight two crucial stages: the overhaul and installation of the engine and generator.

Engine Overhaul and Installation

Our F40 Locomotives come equipped with a remanufactured EMD 645E3B Engine, capable of delivering over 3,000 horsepower. This engine has a proven reputation as a reliable workhorse in the industry.

Our engineers are leveraging the proven EMD 645E3B engine platform and upgrading it with a Tier 0+ emissions kit. The E3B engine is the most fuel efficient EMD 645 engine model. This coupled with the Automatic Engine Stop Start (AESS) that is part of the micro processor control system will generate fuel savings for our customers.

And, as we are incorporating a brand-new microprocessor control system coupled with extended life filters,  the maintenance interval for the engine is extended from the industry standard of 92 days to 184 days, effectively reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Rolling Stock Solutions Engine Unboxing

Rolling Stock Solution Engine Installation

Generator Overhaul and Installation

In our pursuit of excellence, we're also overhauling the AR10 Generator to industry standards.

Once operational, our customers will not incur any additional costs related to upkeep or maintenance.

Rolling Stock Solutions Generator Unboxing

Rolling Stock Solutions Generator Installation

We're set to start leasing these like-new locomotives in 2023.

However, please note that ‌initial supply will be limited. Contact us today to learn more and secure your locomotive.


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