March 27, 2023

New Crashworthy Cab Installation

New Crashworthy Cab Installation

An in-depth look at the remanufacturing and installation process for the new cabs of our remanufactured F40PH locomotives.

Rolling Stock Solutions is poised to assist North America’s commuter rail operations to meet a critical demand for locomotive power by rebuilding F40PH models from the ground up with a new, 20-year service life.

We’re set to deliver our first locomotive this summer with the 10th locomotive being completed in the summer of 2024.

It’s critical for commuter rail operators to understand the process we’re taking is not a standard overhaul. We’re completely stripping our locomotives down to the sub frame and rebuilding them, integrating new safety and technological improvements to provide safer, more reliable locomotives for the train crew and commuter rail passengers.  Taking this approach ensures that each locomotive is rebuilt to the latest FRA safety standards along with reduced maintenance requirements, improved reliability, and enhanced performance.

Throughout the remanufacturing process RSS will provide regular detailed updates starting with the work being undertaken to completely rebuild the locomotive cab. The new crashworthy cab and nose assembly being installed in the video meets the FRA and AAR S-580 requirements.

Original Cab

Remanufactured Cab


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