September 26, 2022

First Article Inspection of our Tier 4 HEP

First Article Inspection of our Tier 4 HEP

Really enjoyed participating in the First Article Inspection and testing of the Tier 4 Head End Power (HEP) with our partner Cad Rail Industries (CadRI) at NRE’s facilities in Houma, LA. The HEP will be installed on all of our F40 Locomotives being remanufactured by CadRI making them cleaner and quieter than the original F40 “Screamers”. Below are a few pictures of our HEP along with a video of it running during testing, it was amazing how there were no fumes or distinctive odor being emitted from the exhaust despite running it inside the workshop!

Our Tier 4 HEP under inspection
The HEP ran cleanly and quietly and we were pleased with the result
The HEP was tested under Incremental loads and met all its rated power requirements


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